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Cold Rooms are extremely important as it’s the space for stocking up most of the FMCG and other products. Due to harsh weather of the country it becomes extremely important for the cold rooms to function efficiently without which multiple companies may face lot of trouble. However, most challenging situation for cold rooms is during breakdowns or maintenance. The problem which arises is, there are very few cold room maintenance service providers. And majority of the service provider is either inexperienced or extremely costly.

At UniqueHouse we provide cold room maintenance service in Dubai. We ensure to fix any kind of service regarding cold room quickly and effectively without compromising on the quality of the services. Cold room maintenance service in Dubai requires technical skills and experience of working. Extremely delicate machinery and other factors factor which make it extremely difficult to work. At UniqueHouse we have experienced team and machineries which helps to rectify the problems and repair it punctually and effectively.

We know when industrial cold storage malfunction and you are in urgent need of help only a swift service provider is the solution. So- Clean ensures you get the best service on time and keep your work going on. We have team who are certified service technicians. They have gone through rigorous training. With our long experience of working in the industry we have found some common problems which occur in cold room maintenance.

  • cooler/freezer doors and
  • roll up or high impact doors,
  • leakage problems,
  • damage floors or ceiling
  • repairing of cooling systems

Damaged cool rooms not only affect the business but it’s extremely dangerous as well because it may become the reason for accidents. Next time if you ever face and looking forward for a help related to cold room storage, So-Clean is the best choice you can make.

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